Difficulties in publishing a new terraform provider


My new terraform provider is released successful.

When I try to publish my provider, it’s taking longer time in buffering, and an yellow notification strip is appearing which is stating - Could not find all platform assets…missing release asset for…

I have attached the screenshot.

Provider name: terraform-provider-inviulrestapi

Please help me


Hi @inviul!

I can see your inviul/inviulrestapi provider in the registry with versions v0.1.3 through v0.1.6, so it looks like you managed to figure out what was wrong here and got it working with the subsequent releases.

Is that right, or do you still need some help from the registry team? Thanks!

Did anyone ever figure out what was going on? I’m having exactly the same issue.

Any pointers?

I resolved it by removing an extra comma (,) from the manifest.json file and it got resolved.