Discrepancy in documentation for azurerm_image

Tried posting this to GitHub Documentation issue, but kept on failing upon submittal, so posting it here instead.

Reference docs:

In reviewing the latest version (3.71.0) of the azurerm_image resource, I’ve identified a discrepancy between the provider-schema.json file and the official documentation. Specifically, the documentation indicates that both os_disk and data_disk blocks can have “one or more” instances. This suggests that users can define multiple blocks for each argument.

However, upon examining the provider-schema.json file for azurerm_image, I observed that the JSON configuration specifies maxItems: 1 for os_disk and does not include any item constraints for data_disk. According to the documentation, I would expect to see minItems: 1 for both blocks to reflect the “one or more” guidance.

Could you please confirm whether the maxItems or minItems attributes are indeed intended to set the number of allowable instances for these blocks? Alternatively, are these attributes used for a different purpose altogether?