Docker Deployment to ECS

Hi all! I’m some what new to Terraform (and AWS in general) so my appologies if I botch anything here but let me explain what I’m trying to do…

**My End Goal:**To create a GitHub action which automatically deploys each Python file (Streamlit apps) with unique web links. I will then load in these web apps as iframes from a different website.

**My Idea (could be wrong?):**To automatically create a different Docker container for each Python file. These containers will each have their own server instance in ECS, each with a unique public address. Servers will be automatically managed by Fargate.

**What I Have Done So Far:**I have a demo Streamlit app in a Docker container which works fine when I run it locally. I have GitHub actions setup with Terraform and Docker. I’m able successfully create and push a Docker container to an ECR repository. I think iteratively creating Docker containers should be easy enough (although I haven’t tried it yet). But, for now I’m stumped as to how to get ECS working. Even if I were to get that working I wouldn’t have a clue how to get Terraform to iteratively generate instances based off those Docker files.

So yeah, any help would be very much appreciated! Any ideas? At the moment I’m just trying to get a web app deployed and running, I can work on the details later.