Docker Hub Verified Publisher for HashiCorp

NOTE: posted in the terraform category, because that was the image I was looking for and there was no general HashiCorp topic that I could post to.


I was curious if there was any plan to become a Docker Hub Verified Publisher or , so that way when people search for official HashiCorp docker images they will see that it is definitely HashiCorp’s account and not someone that could pose as HashiCorp on Docker Hub. (I believe your official account is currently here:, but still it doesn’t hurt to have that extra verification.

Hey @elreydetoda, is indeed the official account for HashiCorp’s Docker Images ^1

We currently provide two official images:

1.) Consul via
2.) Vault via

As these are marked as official images, they are moved to a different namespace and therefore not directly visible when you search the list of images that are available as part of the HashiCorp organization on Docker Hub.

Packer and Terraform, while available as images, are a bit more involved to use (as you experienced in your post).

Hope this provides some insights!

^1 If you’re interested in what’s happening behind-the-scenes, have a look at the public repositories on