All the modules published on Hashicorp website

Are all the modules for terraform published on Hashicorp website, Hashicorp verfied or peer reviewed by anyone?

Hi @mayanksekhar,

If you are talking about the modules on the Terraform Registry at, the answer is no: the registry is just an index of modules whose actual source code is in arbitrary GitHub repositories.

The addresses of modules in the public registry are in the form NAMESPACE/NAME/TARGET-SYSTEM, like hashicorp/consul/aws, and the “NAMESPACE” portion corresponds with GitHub usernames and organization names.

Modules belonging to the namespace “hashicorp” each correspond to a GitHub repository in the “hashicorp” organization, and are therefore either authored by HashiCorp teams or by verified partners.

Modules in any other namespace can be published by anyone who can create a repository in the corresponding GitHub username or organization, and so if you wish to verify that they are trustworthy you will need to make that determination for yourself.

@apparentlymart thank you for taking time and replying

Yes, i went through the registry.hashicorp, reviewed the modules available, i understand this mechanism now