Is it possible to publish nested submodules with private terraform registry

Need some pointer on publishing(versioning) terraform module to private terraform registry. Is it possible to publish nested submodules in private terraform registry? I know it is possible with public terraform registry but unable to do so in private one.
The documentation is contradictory.

It says One module per repository. The registry cannot use combined repositories with multiple modules. But it also says Standard module structure. The module must adhere to the standard module structure. In which nested submodules are published.

Quick pointers will be helpful.

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Hi agiwalpooja20,

Thanks for posting this question. Under the hood, the Private Module Registry is seeing the same module structure and identifying the nested submodules. However, it is not currently exposed in the GUI. We plan to address this in a future release. However, today you can view the submodules using the API, and you can use them in your terraform code. The syntax would be the same as what’s shown on the public registry, adapted to the address of your Private Module Registry.

Hope this helps!

Hi @assareh
Thank you for your reply. One last question. When do you expect the release for this feature? submodules exposed to GUI?