Registry module published yet missing

Hello experts

I published a module to the registry, you can find it here.

You can see the module is published and associated to my username.
However, there is something wrong with it:

  • If you search for the module name, you can’t find it.
  • If you press on my username, you see that I have 0 modules published.

What am I missing here? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Hi @adammontlake,

This module is in the “Azure” organization on GitHub, and so it gets listed as belonging to that organization rather than to your personal GitHub account.

It appears that you are recorded as the module’s manager, but that only controls what operations you are allowed to perform on the module while you are logged in using your GitHub account.

I would expect it to be listed in the modules from the “azure” namespace. If it’s not appearing there for you then I suggest contacting to report that, since the registry administrators don’t tend to participate in this forum.

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Hi @apparentlymart

Thanks for the explanation, that definitely makes sense.