Error publishing module to public registry


I’m trying to publish a module to the public registry (code in GitHub - airplanedev/terraform-google-airplane-agents: Terraform configs for agents running in GCP).

I am able to select the repo when I go through the publishing flow, but when I click “Publish module” the button turns gray and then blue again without showing an error.

When I look in the Chrome network tab, I see that the API is returning a 400 error with the text “the module already exists on the registry and is owned by another user”. However, the module doesn’t appear to exist in the public registry.

Any ideas of how to get around this? Thanks.

I am uncertain whether this is how it works, but perhaps it is seeing the aws variant of this name is already registered - Terraform Registry - and is reserving all other variants of airplanedev/airplane-agents/* for the same user ? Just a guess.

FYI- we got this working by having my colleague who originally published the AWS module to also publish the GCP one (so @maxb was right).

It would be great if the public registry allowed anyone in the same organization to do this- based on this Github issue, it looks like other people have requested this feature. Thanks!