Does ap-southeast-3 (Jakarta) still unsupported in Packer 1.8.4?

recently we enable ap-southeast-3 aka Jakarta to deploy our service, when we try to copy our AMI from ap-northeast-1 to ap-southeast-3, we will get below error message but other region won’t happened.
(Now Open – AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region | AWS News Blog)

  • Error Copying AMI (ami-0cb4ca3f7d8718b3c) to region (ap-southeast-3): AuthFailure: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials
    status code: 401, request id: e723dfe8-1eab-4624-8457-a05720e70845

We use the same IAM user and role to run every AMI build. (The role have full administrator access)

Strangely, if we execute copy-image using aws cli command, the image can be successfully copied to ap-southeast-3.

aws ec2 copy-image --profile Packer --region ap-southeast-3 --name packer-build-rhel7 --source-region ap-northeast-1 --source-image-id ami-088f560cb66123456 --description ‘This is my copied image.’

We use the same IAM user and role, so there will be no authentication or permissions issues as other regions do not have this issue.

This makes us guess whether Jakarta has not been supported yet ? or other reason I miss to configuration ?
Thank you!

packer_log.txt (12.1 KB)

=======Our ENV=====
Packer version: 1.8.4
OS: RHEL 7.9

===Packer Code===

locals {
  timestamp = regex_replace(timestamp(), "[- TZ:]", "")

source "amazon-ebs" "template" {

  assume_role {
    role_arn     = var.assume_role_arn
    session_name = trim("Testing-Packer-${var.environment}-${var.system}-${var.component}", "-")

  instance_type      = var.aws_instance_type
  region                   = var.aws_region
  access_key           = var.aws_access_key
  secret_key            = var.aws_secret_key
  launch_block_device_mappings {
    delete_on_termination = true
    device_name          = "/dev/sda1"
    volume_size            = 30
    volume_type           = "gp3"
  security_group_ids      = var.security_group_ids
  subnet_id                      = var.subnet_id
  source_ami                   = var.aws_ami_id
  ami_description           = "Testing-RedHat-7-GoldenAMI"
  ami_name                     = "Testing-packer-build-RedHat-7-GoldenAMI_${local.timestamp}"
  ami_users                      = var.ami_users
  ami_regions                  = var.ami_distributed_regions
  skip_region_validation      = true
  associate_public_ip_address = false
  disable_stop_instance       = false
  shutdown_behavior           = "terminate"
  ssh_username                     = "ec2-user"

  run_tags = {
    Name                    = "Testing-packer-build-RedHat-7-GoldenAMI_${local.timestamp}"

  tags = {
    Name                    = "Testing-packer-build-RedHat-7-GoldenAMI_${local.timestamp}"

build {
  sources = [