Does Terraform support GCP policy-based routes

The GCP supports the policy-based routes by API and gCloud. But I cannot find how Terraform supports the policy-based routes.
The google_compute_route supports the dest_range, but there is no way to specify the source range.
Any idea about this?

For any question of this sort, the best way to research this is by starting with the documentation for the relevant provider.

Once you’ve reviewed the list of Terraform resources there, and found nothing relevant, it’s worth checking the provider’s GitHub issues to see if there is any conversation about the topic.

In this case, having found nothing in either of those, it’s a safe bet that this is simply a new feature implemented by the vendor, that has no support in the Terraform provider yet.

That’s further supported by the feature being in “Preview” status in Google’s docs.

At this point, I’d suggest you open a GitHub issue against the provider to report the feature gap. If you’re sufficiently interested and have the relevant skills, you might consider creating a PR to add the support yourself.

Thanks! I will do.