Does the Vault API support custom paths/mount configuration?

Hey all!

I’m using the go Vault API (from hashicorp/vault/api), and I’m trying to create a client that interacts to a custom path. I’m wondering if that’s possible to setup using that go API. I see there’s a VAULT_NAMESPACE environmental variable that I could try to configure, but from what I’ve read, that’s only a prefix to the default path created by the vaultClient which is secret/.

Not sure if maybe I have a misunderstanding of the Vault API/Client. For ex. I have a secrets path in Vault configured as team/, and I’d like to customize the vaultClient(?) to interact with that specific path.

Every storage path is a custom path in Vault. You tell it where you want your engines to mount and what path you want to use. So I need more information as to what the issue is you’re trying to solve.

You want to use team, then use team.

$ vault secrets enable -path=team/ kv
Success! Enabled the kv secrets engine at: team/

Just need to add team/ to your policy to access it.