Downloading custom provider with Credential

How can I provide credentials to download a custom provider from our in-house registry?

terraform {
  required_providers {
    myutils = {
      source = ""
      version = "0.0.3-RC"

provider "myutils" {
  profile = "MyPersonalAccount"

resource "myutils_awesome_stuff" "default" {

Hi @rmohta,

When Terraform is making the requests described in the provider registry protocol to fetch the metadata about providers it will use configured credentials for your registry hostname, if available. For your example, that would mean a CLI configuration block credentials "".

That authentication currently applies only to the registry protocol itself, and so the download_url and other URLs the registry returns will always be requested without any credentials. For systems that need to authenticate those requests too a pattern so far has been to return a URL containing a time-limited signature either in the path or the query string and then have the server which handles that request verify the signature before returning the file.