Downtime during terraform apply after importing Security Group


I performed terraform import and then after the import, terraform plan shows that there are changes in the security group rules. It shows 3 sgr will be added even though I already imported them. So what I did is i applied those changes. However, I couldn’t confirm if there was a few seconds network downtime because when I check AWS console, the rules didn’t change at all.

With this, Is there anyone here knows or could confirm that there is any downtime after terraform apply. I am confirming this because I need to perform the same operation in our production account.

Log shows Modification complete(Id :sg-xxxx)Apply complete! Resources: 0 added, 1 changed, 0 destroyed.

Do you have separate SG & SG rule resources? Did you import just the SG itself or the rules too?

Hi Stuart,

Sg rules are in the same block with the security group.

For your second question, when i first import the SG, i remove the sgr in tf state since terraform shows an error then when I import again, I only imported the security group