dropletId on VolumeAttachment on DigitalOcean CDK is incorrect type?

Example of a VolumeAttachment in DO cdktf:

new VolumeAttachment(this, 'volumeattachmentname', {
            dependsOn: [droplet],
            dropletId: droplet.id,
            volumeId: volume.id

However, when I do this I get incorrect type on dropletId as VolumeAttachmentConfig is expecting a number on the dropletId and the droplet.id is of type string.

Yes, that string houses a number but the types still don’t match…

Hi @michaelwiles :wave:

What type of class is droplet? Is it a DO droplet resource or coming from a module?

Currently all outputs of modules are strings, so in that case you might need to use Token.asNumber (docs).

– Ansgar