Dropping an adx table with the azurerm terraform provider

How does one drop an adx table using the azurerm terraform provider? It seems like an intentional exclusion, so I wonder if I’m missing something fundamental here.

I tried doing the following:

resource "azurerm_kusto_script" "drop_old_table" {
  name                       = "drop_old_table"
  database_id                = azurerm_kusto_database.mydb.id
  continue_on_errors_enabled = false
  script_content             = ".drop tables ( Table1, Table2) ifexists"

But got an error:

Code=“ScriptContainsUnsupportedCommand” Message=“[BadRequest] The provided script contains unsupported command. The commands must start with the following verbs: ‘.create, .create-or-alter, .create-merge, .alter, .alter-merge, .enable’”