Dynamically mark fields in a schema as sensitive

Hi, is it possible to mark a field as sensitive at runtime?

Schema: map[string]*schema.Schema{
	"name": {
		Type:     schema.TypeString,
		Required: true,
	"value": {
		Type:     schema.TypeString,
		Optional: true,
		// Sensitive: true,

I have a nested API schema that looks like this, however behind the scenes it exposes server plugins means some fields could be sensitive whilst others are not, I can retrieve this at runtime to workout if a given field is sensitive or not, i’d like to be able to avoid marking everything as sensitive if possible.

No, currently schema has to be static (its retrieved before the provider is configured). We have been investigating improvements to sensitive handling, but thats probably going to have to come from core before it will be something we can leverage in the SDK.

Ok thanks for confirming @paultyng, i’ll see what i can do in the meantime!