EMR "CapacityReservationOptions" to ondemand_specification


Getting issue when trying to add “capacityReservationOptions” to ondemand_specification in EMR. Seems like this API is unsupported. could you please provide the suggestions

Below is the error received,

Error: Unsupported block type
14:41:53		  on .terraform/modules/emr/task-fleet.tf line 14, in resource "aws_emr_instance_fleet" "task":
14:41:53		  14:       CapacityReservationOptions {
14:41:53		Blocks of type "CapacityReservationOptions" are not expected here.

Below is the action trying,

    {"OnDemandSpecification": {
        "AllocationStrategy": "lowest-price",
            "UsageStrategy": "use-capacity-reservations-first"

Here are the reference docs: