EMR refresh fails with error getting auto termination policy

I am trying to create EMR cluster in AWS Gov cloud. The cluster creation happens fine. But any further refresh and destroy fails with below error

> │ Error: error getting auto termination policy: UnknownOperationException: Could not find operation GetAutoTerminationPolicy


The Auto termination policy is not available in AWS Gov Cloud. Below link states that.

Auto-termination for idle clusters using an auto-termination policy is not available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

In Terraform documentation it shows AutoTermination policy as optional. It looks like a bug that Terraform is looking for this information when refreshing the state.

  • auto_termination_policy - (Optional) An auto-termination policy for an Amazon EMR cluster. An auto-termination policy defines the amount of idle time in seconds after which a cluster automatically terminates. See Auto Termination Policy Below.

Anyone faced this issue. Any input on this topic would be greatly helpful.