Enabling active sessions logs in the boundary controller pods


I have a boundary deployment in a k8s cluster. In pod logs, I want to get to see the active sessions by user emails same as in the sessions page. I could only get authorize-session but no user info in the logs. How can I enable that? Or is it possible?

│ boundary-controller-d459657d5-jsdvn {"id":"yvxX4lMis0","source":"https://hashicorp.com/boundary/boundary-controller-d459657d5-jsdvn/controller","specversion":"1.0","type":"observation","data":{ │
│ "latency-ms":30.586339,"request_info":{"id":"gtraceid_FhKYFmvh7HIHmFhpn2L0","method":"POST","path":"/v1/targets/Postgres:authorize-session","public_id":"at_fGboZkxa5u","client_ip":""},"sta │
│ rt":"2023-01-25T19:04:42.688493785Z","status":200,"stop":"2023-01-25T19:04:42.719080124Z","version":"v0.1"},"datacontentype":"application/cloudevents","time":"2023-01-25T19:04:42.719111355Z"}

Pod logs are going to be runtime messages more aimed at diagnosing issues with the running process. If you want better auditability of user sessions, you might want to configure event sinks. Or if you’re using HCP Boundary, you might want audit log streaming.