Enabling "RDS Alerting with SNS & CLoudWatch" mechanism within our existing Terraform Module

We have a RDS terraform module designed for Developers team to build RDS DB’s (Aurora & RDS). Its defined with basic parameters such as count, identifier, engine, engine_version, storage, port, username & password etc etc etc…
No I am trying to “enable” alerting mechanism with SNS Topics and CloudWatch within the same module.
I just want to enable the alerting within this module and nothing more to it as I dont want the module to create the SNS topics, instead the Developers will use this updated module to create the sns topics based not their own requirements for the RDS DB’s they own.
SO I did some research and found this cloudposse ones (https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-rds-cloudwatch-sns-alarms), but it looks like this module is actually for enabling alerts and creating SNS topics too.
Any tips here fellas on how to modify my RDS module with only the alerting mechanism from this cloudposse ones? I can tweak the GitHub module by separating the alarms and the required parameters from this GitHub and can add them to our module. But I want to see if any of the community members did that before so that I can use their tips and tricks…
Please do let me know fellas.

Vikram Y