Endpoint is not working in consul 1.14 /v1/agent/check/register. Getting error serviceID does not exists

The endpoint /v1/agent/check/register is not working. When we try to register a health check for a particular service getting ServiceID does not exist error. This is not used to be a case with 1.13. Is something changed or are we doing anything wrong?

[ERROR] agent.http: Request error: method=PUT url=/v1/agent/check/register from=X.X.X.X:XXXXerror=“ServiceID "sample" does not exist”

Masked IP address with X

Hi @magesh.srinivasulu,

Similar to the answers to the other recent topics that you created, with the new design, as there are no Consul Client agents in the cluster, there are no agent-based health checks available. Consul now depends on the pods Kubernetes health checks. You can read more about this in the link below.

ref: Configure Health Checks for Consul on Kubernetes | Consul | HashiCorp Developer