Enterprise Application creation in Azure using TF


I am able to create an enterprise application in Azure using TF, but it is owned by myself. Is it possible to spin an enterprise application owned by a service-account of some sort or may be group (rather than a list of users)?

As a work around, I have added all the current devops team members as owners of this application. This allows any of us to be able to re-run the TF code for future modifications. Not very ideal, since all the current members may be gone over a period of time. Of course, an Azure Administrator can manually assign a new devops member to the application from Azure UI and that person can take ownership. From my limited exploration, this path may require the new person to update the TF state before working on any further updates. Somewhat leaving this out there without a better solution in place. If you figured a better way to manage this situation, please do share. Thanks in advance.