Envconsul interactive shell

I’m trying to set up envconsul for use in local development to make it easy to share secrets among developers that are stored in Vault. I’ve used the secrehub tool in the past and it would allow me to easily run “bash”, “python” or any other interactive shell and have the variables injected properly in the environment. However, when I run

envconsul -secret=“kv/dev” -once bash

I don’t get an interactive console. Looking through the source code, it seems that the child process is being connected to stdin/stdout/stderr, but I don’t see that in the shell.

Is there some trick that I’m missing to get this to work as I expect it to? Or is it just not a supported use-case?

Hey Ian,

I’m sorry but that is not a currently supported use case. It is an interesting idea though and I’d like to encourage you to submit it as a github feature request if you are interested.


Hey Ian,
We are using envconsul for inetarctive shell (bash, ruby), but for make it work, you need to downgrade envconsul to 0.11 or earlier. It seems the 0.12 release broke support for interactive shell.

Sorry about this issue and note that it should be fixed in the 0.13.0 release that I’m expecting to get out this week.

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Looking forward to a new release to resolve vulnerabilities being flagged on the 0.12.1 release due to the version of go in use.