Envoy Access Log

Is there a way to configure Envoy access logs for services when using Connect with Envoy?

Examples for how to actually enable service access logs would be appreciated.

In the linked page, there does not seem to be anything related to access logs, or to adding an Envoy filter to a service (to attach an access log filter to the service).

OK, after some googling around, maybe this one: https://github.com/envoyproxy/envoy/issues/2692#issuecomment-427455815

Combined with my first link this should do it.

Thank you for your help, @Wolfsrudel.

A couple of questions:

  1. Which part of this Envoy config should be used in the Consul service config? The entire filters object, filters[].config, or will the access_log object work on its own?

  2. Where exactly does this Envoy config go in the Consul config? Which of the configuration items listed in your first link is relevant here? Like I said, I can’t figure out which to use for Envoy filters, if any.