Envoy integration question

I have a kubernetes deployment where I have a 2 app container in a pod. Can these 2 application share the same sidecar proxy when we say inject = “true”
consul.hashicorp.com/connect-inject”: “true”

Wondering how init these kind of deployments. I need these 2 containers in the same pod.

Any pointers help. Appreciate it !!


Hi @fredstanley,

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t support representing multiple app containers within a pod. When you set the “consul.hashicorp.com/connect-inject”: “true” annotation, we’ll only register the first container in the pod.

This has definitely come up before and we’re hoping to add support for it soon!

Great thanks.

Any workaround you can think of or suggest ?

There isn’t an easy workaround, unfortunately. You would have to create envoy configuration yourself. Take a look at this and this issues.