[ERR] Error decoding response stream ##: EOF

I am using Packer to build a Windows Server 2019 and right after the [INFO] (telemetry) Finalizing. message and before the plugins exit I am getting the error message where 99 is the value of responseStreamId in communicator.go:

[ERR] Error decoding response stream 99: EOF

I can probably debug this using GoLand and Delve, but I am hoping that its an easy and obvious solution so I don’t have to do so much debugging work. Any ideas?

To reproduce it here is the repo. Run ./build.sh which takes about 50 minutes on my 2015 MacBook Pro w/16GB RAM.

Thanks in advance for any help.

pls show your script or this error is come from provisioners component if file is unable to execute with superuser privilege and also check file permission

hope this will help you

Thanks. The script is in the repo I linked.