Error in Auto unsealing with HSM

Previously I have successfully integrated vault with HSM which was password enabled and was up and running.
I am at remote location connected to network , trying to start Vault Server integrated with Ped enabled HSM device.
I have added HSM configurations in vault Config file but didn’t know what should I set pin inorder to access HSM from Vault server.
I have tried entering admin pwd, Crypto officer pin and ped device attached to the HSM but still I am unable to start vault.

error parsing Seal configuration: error fetching session to test HSM key configuration: error logging in to HSM: pkcs11: 0x80000028
2021-07-13T05:39:54.367-0400 [INFO] proxy environment: http_proxy="" https_proxy="" no_proxy=""

“pkcs11”: {
“generate_key”: “true”,
“hmac_key_label”: “HashiCorp_hmac”,
“key_label”: “HashiCorp”,
“lib”: “/opt/vault/hsm/”,
“pin”: “xxxxx”,
“slot”: “1”

Which version of Vault?

1.7.2 ent+hsm version of vault

Are you sure your Vault can connect to the HSM? based on “remote location connected to network”

Since you’re using Enterprise, I’d recommend asking Vault support.