Error in TF plan when reading from Azure blob storage

we are trying to aks namespace in AKS cluster with TF and in order to do so, we are trying to fetch TF state file of AKS cluster which is already created before this step.

below is the code present in file

data “terraform_remote_state” “aks_config” {
backend = “azurerm”
config = {
storage_account_name = var.blobStorageAccount
container_name = “terraformstate”
key = “AKS/${var.env}/terraform.tfstate”
resource_group_name = var.GenericResourceName

we are getting error in TF plan step

Error: Error loading state error

on line 10, in data “terraform_remote_state” “aks_config”:
10: backend = “azurerm”

error loading the remote state: Error retrieving keys for Storage Account
“”: storage.AccountsClient#ListKeys: Invalid input:
autorest/validation: validation failed: parameter=accountName
constraint=MaxLength value="" details: value length
must be less than or equal to 24

the problem is that, same code works for other environment we created before and it’s not working for a particular environment only.