Error Installing Custom Terraform Provider

Hi there,

I am installing a custom terraform provider plugin on a Windows 10 machine, but I am having problems to initialize the plugin accordingly.

The provider works correctly on MacOS but not on Windows. When I try to initialize the provider using terraform init: it returns the following error:

Error: Invalid provider registry host

The host “” given in provider source address “” does not offer a Terraform provider registry.

The plugin is located in the required folder as per Terraform specifications %APPDATA%/terraform.d/plugin/

Here is a snippet of my file

terraform {
required_providers {
test = {
version = “1.0.0”
source = “

I am using Terraform 1.0.7. I have the same plugin that runs without problems on MacOS but the only issue has been on Windows 10 machines.

Has anyone faced any problems like this?


Hi @sgiotrial01,

It sounds like Terraform isn’t finding the directory you created, and so Terraform is trying to install directly from a registry running on that domain.

If you set the environment variable TF_LOG=trace before running Terraform you should see some internal debug logging which will include at some point some messages about implied mirror directories that Terraform tried to use. That will hopefully help you to see which directory Terraform is expecting to find.

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Thank you @apparentlymart
I found the problem using the TRACE. The issue is that, for some reason there was a space in the NAMESPACE path like
%APPDATA%/terraform.d/plugins/ test/1.0.0/windows_amd64
Both my community providers are now available in GitHub. Really cool challenge. :slight_smile: