Error Message: Authorization failed or requested resource not found

Hi There,

Am working through the Upgrade to 19c Workshop at the Oracle link below Setup Compute Instance using terraform

Am currently stuck on “Lab 2: Environment Setup” > “Task 1A: Create Stack: Compute + Networking” > “Step 12” because am getting the following error from terraform apply. Please advice

Error Message: Authorization failed or requested resource not found.

OPC request ID: 039d973c44b8a8cd4a5ccb68b1eb069c/3B8D2821ABFB54E37110800FCA73CA8D/116031806A26BD2E36450A75668B39C0

Suggestion: Either the resource has been deleted or service Core Instance need policy to access this resource. Policy reference: Policy Reference

on line 17, in resource “oci_core_instance” “up2db19c-hol”

17: resource “oci_core_instance” “up2db19c-hol” {

Hello! Thank you for asking this question, but this discuss forum is for CDK for Terraform, and it looks like you’re asking a question about using HCL Terraform on a tutorial Oracle wrote. It isn’t clear to me that this is an issue with CDK for Terraform - based on the error message, it looks to me like Oracle support can probably help you with this more than we can, and they’d need to make any improvements to that tutorial - that site isn’t run by HashiCorp. I hope you’re able to get this resolved!