Error of VPC Does not exist when I can see it does

Error: Error creating Security Group: InvalidVpcID.NotFound: The vpc ID 'vpc-07e3777377e06937f' does not exist
│       status code: 400, request id: a8589761-36d2-4696-85ce-4daa06365fe9

I can’t get anything inside my terraform to connect to an existing VPC
It’s creating everything else, but when anything relies on the vpc, it errors out, so security groups and load balancers, and target groups aren’t being created.

I can see it, sts get-caller-Identity is correct. I’ve double checked that region is set to us-west-1, my .aws/credentials is set to us-west-1. I have zero idea as to what I’m missing here.

locals {
  cluster_name                = "rke2"
  environment                 = "development"
  private_subnets_cidr_blocks = ["", ""]
  public_subnets_cidr_blocks  = ["", ""]
  private_subnets             = ["subnet-0ca457d1469dff61f", "subnet-0db1d4eb287c37e09"]
  public_subnets              = ["subnet-058e035acfec840f8", "subnet-024e3106e5fc37c8d"]
  vpc_id                      = "vpc-07e3777377e06937f"

The problem was not with Terraform but with the scalr backend it was attempting to pull from had a static defined region of us-east-1 that overode my variables in my terraform