Error: Provider produced inconsistent final plan

we are using terraform bigip as3 resource, and we ran into below issue when they tried to update the bigip as3 resource ( Change is removing a pool member and disabling the member )

Error message:

When expanding the plan for module.loadbalancer.bigip_as3.loadbalancer_1b to
include new values learned so far during apply, provider” produced an invalid new value for
.as3_json: was

/readyz HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: \r\nConnection:
/healthz/ready HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: \r\nConnection:

declaration requires just
declaration requires just

Plan diff is

module.loadbalancer.bigip_as3.loadbalancer will be updated in-place
~ resource “bigip_as3” “loadbalancer” {
application_list = “Shared,openshift_4”
~ as3_json = jsonencode(
~ {

~ openshift_masters = {
class = “Pool”
~ members = [
~ {
~ enable = true → false
~ serverAddresses = [
- “xxxxxxx”,

From the provider logs we can say that it went to exits() function and then read() function but didn’t go to update function()

Below are the debug logs which we saw

[INFO] Checking if As3 config exists in BIGIP

[INFO] Reading As3 config

We are not sure it didn’t go to update call in the provider.

So when will we get the above kind of errors and how to solve those errors ?

Below is the github issue with the provider