Error: retrieving VIP info App Service Environment: (Hosting Environment Name "Existing-App-Name"


I have a code to create new Resource Group, App Service(Web App) and App service plan under the existing App Service Environment. For this purpose i used Resource blocks for creating above 3 services and data block for fetching the existing App Service Environment. But when i run terraform plan I’m getting below error.

So as an alternate approach I hard coded the app_service_environment_id value so that i can directly create App Service and App Service plans under this App service Environment(hard coded one), but still i’m getting an error like below mentioned. May i know if it is an access related issue, how to check under azure portal that i can have required previleges to access/fetch the existing app service environment.


  1. Creation of Resource Group, App Service and App service plans are working as expected if we are not considering any App Service Environment.
  2. As a trail and error method to find the access issues, I’m able to create new ASE with same Client Secrets, but the creation process through terraform is taking too longer duration.