Error validating claims: claim "groups" does not match any associated bound claim values

Hi Team,

I am a newbie to Vault and Okta configuration, I am still try to understand how the things are wired up.Please allow me to share my struggling points with you and request your kind help on this.

For this task, I use below Tools

I am trying to implement below configurations, OIDC Authentication with Okta | Vault - HashiCorp Learn

What I want ?? I would like only the users who belong to Okta-admin can login into Vault. Please see below screenshots.

Vault version as below

Okta Configs as below

OIDC Role as below


The command I execute, as below

vault login -namespace=admin/secorch/xxxxxx -method=oidc role=“vm-admins”

The Error I am getting as below

Please help me to understand my mistake, :bowing_man:

I am sorry, This is due to my browser caching issue, I confirm above configs worked for me, sharing just in case if it is helpful for someone like me :slightly_smiling_face: