Error verifying GPG signature for provider


We are publishing our new provider by following the instructions provided at But when we try to use our provider, I get the following error when running “terraform init”:

Initializing the backend…

Initializing provider plugins…

Error verifying GPG signature for provider “valtix-security/valtix”
Terraform was unable to verify the GPG signature of the downloaded provider
files using the keys downloaded from the Terraform Registry. This may mean that
the publisher of the provider removed the key it was signed with, or that the
distributed files were changed after this version was released.

Error: unable to verify signature

2020/11/05 19:08:07 [ERROR] error verifying signature against HashiCorp public key: openpgp: signature made by unknown entity

I have verified that the public GPG key that I have uploaded in the Terraform registry page is valid and GPG can verify the .sig file

Can somebody help me understand how to resolve this error when using the provider.