Error waiting for KMS Key (terraform-aws-provider 3.70)

I want to upgrade to 3.70 because of some fixes but keep having this error on apply:

Error: error waiting for KMS Key (_) description propagation: timeout while waiting for state to become 'TRUE' (last state: 'FALSE', timeout: 5m0

I’ve read this post related to policy and this post related to some jenkins right of sorts, not my context at all.

I am deploying my project myself and reproduce this 100% with version 3.70.
But the main difference from others is that they set policy explicitly while I don’t set it at all.

resource "aws_kms_key" "key" {
  description             = "Key"
  tags                    = local.tags
  is_enabled              = true
  deletion_window_in_days = 7

Any ideas?