Error when altering the subnet on the eks

Using terraform aws eks module, when I add a subnet to the vpc and then added it to the eks, I get this error. I tried removing the module (terraform state rm module.eks.module.eks.kubernetes_config_map.aws_auth) but then it prompt my eks to rebuild (destroy and create). Any ideas what to do?

│ Error: Get "http://localhost/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/configmaps/aws-auth": read tcp [::1]:60434->[::1]:10011: read: connection reset by peer
│   with module.eks.module.eks.kubernetes_config_map.aws_auth[0],
│   on .terraform/modules/eks.eks/ line 457, in resource "kubernetes_config_map" "aws_auth":
│  457: resource "kubernetes_config_map" "aws_auth" {

I was able to do the following:

t plan -var-file ../terraform-config/prod/tokyo/second-mltplus.tfvars -refresh=false

However, after the changes were applied, then I got the following error:

error creating EKS Cluster (mlt-plus-prod): ResourceInUseException: