Error while running Multiple plans in a single pipeline and referring same state file

We have a single pipeline with Two terraform plans running as below:

After upgrading terraform to version 1.1.0 we are seeing the below error message:

│ Error: Too many command line arguments

│ To specify a working directory for the plan, use the global -chdir flag.

For more help on using this command, run:

terraform plan -help

Terraform couldn’t read the given file as a state or plan file.

The errors while attempting to read the file as each format are

shown below.

State read error: Error loading statefile: open /agent/_work/3/s/plan-binary-4fa5e2fc-6935-4a5e-86c9-613720ab4059.tfplan: no such file or directory

Plan read error: open /agent/_work/3/s/plan-binary-4fa5e2fc-6935-4a5e-86c9-613720ab4059.tfplan: no such file or directory

Below is the output from our pipeline, It seems that the plan ran successfully and executed fine. There is no impact to our environment. I am curious about the reason and how to rectify the same.

Any suggestions are really appreciated