Errors binding to requested address using docker on Mac OS

I just added my first Mac to my Nomad cluster and I’m running in to an issue with the Docker Driver not being able to assign IPs. My best guess this is a configuration issue since I just lifted my nomad configs from my linux machines where everything works corrrectly. Unfortunately, finding the route of the problem is above my pay grade since Apple loves to build in hoops for people to jump through. Any help would be appreciated.

here’s the error I’m seeing when attempting to start a nomad job with the docker driver.

Failed to start container 9c32546f3af0f309c54713cc79cfd1f589750137e557f8d9a30d571bcf037879: API error (500): driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint testjob-06708c3d-15e5-3ef0-74e2-a2a1d364237b (a351fd0d6e37ac91c0f8e6817678225bc1b782ee773b10532c1e0617087f0984): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address

running the same container and port ID in Docker works like a charm.

nomad node status -verbose shows

driver.docker                 = 1
driver.docker.bridge_ip       =
driver.docker.os_type         = linux
driver.docker.runtimes        = runc
driver.docker.version         = 19.03.5
driver.docker.volumes.enabled = true

and the relevant part of the job file (very simple)

    driver = "docker"
    config {
      image = "some/container"
      hostname = "testDocker"
      port_map {
        http = 8080

Replying to my own question here with the solution.

Seems Docker for Mac v.2.2.x introduced these issues. Downgrading to v2.1.5 solved the problem.