Errors when trying to pull an image from the private gitlab registry

Hello, everyone.
Plugged the plugin into the Nomad client configuration
But when I try to pull an image from private gitlab registry I get error 500
Can you tell me how to check if Nomad has loaded the plugin configuration for the docker driver


client {
  enabled = true

plugin "docker" {
  config {
    auth {
      config = "/etc/git-registry.json"


        "auths": {
                "gitlab.xx.xx:5000": {
                        "auth": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Error in log:

[ERROR] client.driver_mgr.docker: failed pulling container: driver=docker image_ref=gitlab.xx.xx:5000/image:latest error="API error (500): Head \"https://gitlab.xx.xx:5000/image:latest\": unauthorized: HTTP Basic: Access denied"

This is the crucial part, maybe double check credentials.