Execute Azure CLI commands when using Terraform Cloud

Hi! I am new to Terraform (and currently in “experiencing/learning mode”), but I am using terraform cloud to deploy resources in azure. However, to deploy a mysql replica, I understand that this cant be done by terraform directly, but has to be done by for example azure cli.

If I run a “local” terraform in a azure cloud shell, I can get the following code to work as expected:

resource “null_resource” “azure-cli” {

provisioner “local-exec” {

command = "az mysql server replica create --name $replicaserver --source-server $sourceserver --resource-group $rg_name --location westeurope"

However, when running the same code in terraform cloud, I get “exit status 127. Output: /bin/sh: 1: az: not found”.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to run azure cli commands when I am using Terraform Cloud?


@Frank_Thingelstad Have you found any work around?

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I want this too. Any solutions? Please.

I tried to use the AZ bash install script, but that failed with ‘bash: line 42: /dev/tty: No such device or address’

resource "null_resource" "script-signalr-setappconfig" {
# Use this mechanism to always execute the script on 'terraform apply'
triggers = {
    build_number = "${timestamp()}"

provisioner "local-exec" {

    command = <<EOH
    curl -L https://aka.ms/InstallAzureCli | bash
    chmod 0755 az
    az appconfig kv set-keyvault <some extra stuff>

@rahulraj7-del: Sorry, didn’t find any. Ended up creating the replica manually.