Expose nomad server and client via hostname

Hello Team,

In my organisation we use both VM and VDI but VM are very costly in comparison to VDI. We can use VDI but the problem is that their ip is not stable and it changes automatically after every few weeks.

The VDI and VM both can be resolved via dns but only this ip problem forces us not to use VDI especially while hosting any cluster based mechanism.

Is there anyway we can specify a complete hostname like this hostname.company.com in the conf file and we can use it for anything for eg. accessing ui we can use this url http://hostname.company.com:port

Or, nomad nodes automatically distribute the data and heartbeat within nodes by resolving ip dynamically.

I can use consul as well for registering the nomad services but again the same problem arises when I will setup a consul server because there also we have to specify the ip.

If it is possible without ip then please share any conf file template of client and server as this will help me in implementing a bigger cluster within lesser budget.

Thank you