Extending aws_fsx_ontap_volume force svm recreation

Hey everyone,

I’m facing a strange issue with Fsx ontap, I want to extend a volume (aws_fsx_ontap_volume) and while doing a plan Terraform wants to recreate the whole svm because of Active Directory changes (which is not true !)

Changes are the following :

  • netbios name ==> from upper to lower case (not changed)
  • domain name ==> from upper to lower case (not changed)
  • admin group ==> from empty to value (not changed)

resource “aws_fsx_ontap_volume” “xxxx_data” {
name = “xxxx_data”
junction_path = “/vol1data”
security_style = “NTFS”
size_in_megabytes = 20480
storage_efficiency_enabled = false
storage_virtual_machine_id = aws_fsx_ontap_storage_virtual_machine.xxx.id

Anyone has an idea on what’s wrong here ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Found out the issue…

Providing the domain name in UPPER case and removing the admin group which is not really required for ontap volumes…

If this one can help…