External_source_image_url for type:openstack

I am using following json file to create qcow from external_source_image.

“builders”: [
“type”: “openstack”,
“identity_endpoint”: “”,
“tenant_id”: <tenant_id>,
“username”: “parallel”,
“password”: “wireless”,
“region”: “RegionOne”,
“ssh_username”: “root”,
“image_name”: “Rishikesh-test-packer-1”,
“external_source_image_url”: “/root/rshinde/input_image/abcd.qcow”,
“external_source_image_format”: “qcow2”,
“networks”: ,
“flavor”: “flavourOne”

I am getting following error on this

==> openstack: Error importing source image: Bad request with: [POST], error message: {“message”: “URI for web-download does not pass filtering: /root/rshinde/input_image/abcd.qcow2

\n\n\n”, “code”: “400 Bad Request”, “title”: “Bad Request”}

is there some specific format that needs to be followed for external_source_image_url ?? pls suggest

I’m not sure it works for local files; but try providing the file prefix and see if the API accepts it: “file://root/rshinde/input_image/abcd.qcow”

The image specified in the external_source_image_url is downloaded by OpenStack Glance using the web-download image import method (see packer/builder/openstack/step_source_image_info.go#L72-L77).

You will need to specify an HTTP endpoint that is accessible from the machine running the Glance Store.

Thanks , making it as http endpoint worked.