Extra attributes in DynamoDB TF lock object


I am using Terraform version 1.0.11.
I am using s3 and Dynamodb backend to store the lock information.

Currently the TF lock info looks like this.
“LockID”: “balub-ps-tfstatebucket-2tyjg2wjrlkl/clusters/b87037d3-462c-4a8c-8392-e2f377adc14f/q7c28f12-039d-4fb6-b2ba-26e54948ac2b-md5”,
“Digest”: “ac56a5b8e8be1b024cbce9d306eef612”

But is there a way to add a new attribute that is specific to my own deployment in dynamodb object.

“LockID”: “balub-ps-tfstatebucket-2tyjg2wjrlkl/networks/9c1ef159-3ad9-4235-a28a-4a3973216e70/yf051c43-7e8a-4ec0-9c59-c1b0bc78b858-md5”,
“Digest”: “1f3384180709639a4f1717c15135ed45”,
“DeploymentID” : “1234567575”

Is there a way to achieve this?