F12 "Go to definition" Code navigation in vscode terraform extension

I use the Hashicorp Terraform extension for vscode (HashiCorp Terraform - Visual Studio Marketplace). I love it, its great. However, the prior art that it was based upon (which lived at https://github.com/mauve/vscode-terraform tho that now redirects to GitHub - hashicorp/vscode-terraform: A Visual Studio Code extension for Hashicorp Terraform) used to have a Code Navigation feature called “Go to definition” where pressing F12 (as per VSCode’s standard keyboard shortcut for this) would take one to the definition of a referenced resource.

It was a fantastic utility, I used it all the time, however it doesn’t seem to exist in the new vscode-terraform extension, any chance it might be brought back?

Hi @jamiekt,

Unfortunately the new extension is effectively an entirely new implementation because the older extension you mentioned here was tightly coupled to code from Terraform v0.11 (it literally included transpiled versions of supporting libraries inside of it) and thus it isn’t able to support the Terraform language from any other Terraform version. The new design is different to allow it to be compatible with various different Terraform language versions, but work is still underway to reimplement various features, including this one.

I think the existing tracking issue for this feature request is the following:

I’d suggest following that issue so you can see updates as the editor tools team work toward implementing that feature. Thanks!

Hi Martin,
Thank you (as always) for the thorough answer. Always much appreciated. (And apologies for not replying sooner, I found the email in my Junk folder)