Facing Issues with HashiCorp's Integration API Tools Website

I’ve been using HashiCorp’s suite of infrastructure as code tools like Terraform, Vault, and Consul for a while now, and I’ve generally been pretty happy with the products. However, I’m running into some difficulties with their website, particularly the section focused on their editings and authoring tools.

I’m trying to find documentation and guidance on how to use their Waypoint and Boundary tools for managing infrastructure configurations and access controls. However, the website seems to be quite disorganized, with information scattered across multiple pages in a non-intuitive way. I’m having trouble locating the specific guides and tutorials I need.

Additionally, when I try to access some of the more advanced features and configuration options, the website often feels sluggish and unresponsive. I’m worried this might be impacting my productivity when authoring complex infrastructure configurations.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with the HashiCorp tools website? Do you have any tips or workarounds for navigating the site more effectively? I’d appreciate any advice the community can provide, as I’m hoping to get more out of these powerful products but the website experience is holding me back a bit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Thanks in advance for your help!