Failed to find temporary OS disk on VM. Please delete manually


trying to create a Win 2022 Server VM in Azure and keep getting this error followed by:
==> azure-arm.vwac: Failed to find temporary OS disk on VM. Please delete manually.
==> azure-arm.vwac:
==> azure-arm.vwac: VM Name: pkrvmafxcjypu15
==> azure-arm.vwac: Error: %!s()
==> azure-arm.vwac: Removing the created Deployment object: ‘kvpkrdpafxcjypu15’
==> azure-arm.vwac:
==> azure-arm.vwac: The resource group was not created by Packer, not deleting …
Build ‘azure-arm.vwac’ errored after 8 minutes 59 seconds: Timeout waiting for WinRM.

==> Wait completed after 8 minutes 59 seconds

==> Some builds didn’t complete successfully and had errors:
→ azure-arm.vwac: Timeout waiting for WinRM.

==> Builds finished but no artifacts were created.

this appears to be happening most often after a failed build and the packer script is attempting to clean up the resources…

Additionally there are failures to boot up WinRM which are preceding the OS disk failure.

i’m also facing the issue could you please help me any resolution to resolve the issue.

I am also facing that issue in Packer 1.8.5
My thoughts on that topic is, that if Packer invokes to delete the VM on Azure, the disk will be automatically deleted through AZ.
Then in the next step Packer tries to delete the disk and its not available anymore…

GitHub Issue: Windows VMs build with packer 1.7.3 error when cleaning up resources · Issue #125 · hashicorp/packer-plugin-azure · GitHub

Did you find any solution so far?

Basically in ignoring that error message currently. I am still waiting for the issue #125 getting fixed.