Feature request: modify aws_network_interface

In the AWS Console (EC2 > Network Interfaces > eni-xxxxxx), in the Actions menu, you find the Manage IP address option, and you can Assign new IP address for the interface, including the Auto-assign possibility.

So my suggestion is to add an argument network_interface_id to specify the network interface id that you want to modify, example:

resource “aws_network_interface” “principal” {
network_interface_id = module.ec2_create.primary_network_interface_id
subnet_id = module.ec2_create.subnet_id // May be required only if network_interface_id is not specified
private_ips_count = 2

So, you can have a secondary IP address added to this interface.

Thank you.

Hi @rtambellini! Thanks for this feedback.

This forum is primarily for Q&A between members of the Terraform community and do the development teams don’t tend to look here for feature requests, so I suggest also opening a feature request issue in the AWS providers repository, so that the provider development team can consider it: