File Sink parameters question

I set it as below, but when I add parameters, the log doesn’t work.

events {
  observations_enabled = true
  sysevents_enabled = true
  sink "stderr" {
    name = "all-events"
    description = "All events sent to stderr"
    event_types = ["*"]
    format = "hclog-text"
  sink {
    name = "obs-sink"
    description = "Observations sent to a file"
    event_types = ["*"]
    format = "cloudevents-json"
    file {
      file_name = "boundary.log"
      path = "/var/log"
      rotate_duration = "24h"
      rotate_max_files = 15
      rotate_bytes = 25165824

How should I put the 3 values ​​below?


I’ve recreated this and didn’t see a log file created; I’ll look into why the log file isn’t being created.

Thanks for finding this!

Can you try setting the file path to /tmp and see if a log file is created?

The rotate values you have should work; I think the problem is Boundary doesn’t have permission to access /var/log.

it was a permission issue